We are MotivHaitian: a grass roots business devoted to inspiring independence, creativity, and social activism in the community.

Our mission is to bring three key factors into each of our business ventures: Independence, Creativity, and Social Activism. Haiti is the global lens through which we raise questions about social responsibility.

We're looking to challenge the preconceived notion of "success" by focusing on what it means to be a responsible thinker, developer and consumer in today's world. Now is the time to reassess ourselves, our value systems and our community responsibility.

We want to promote creativity and highlight what makes each community unique. Let's focus on the "new business model"and how entrepreneurs achieved success without following the mainstream plan.

We see the value in community outreach, volunteering and voting. Understanding the role we all play in our society is paramount to creating the kind of world we want to live in. Invest in our future leaders and realize the impact that our small scale choices have.

We’d also like to formally introduce our new logo, the Hispaniolan Trogon, Haiti’s national bird! Say hi to H.T.!

So what’s our newfound resolution? At MotivHaitian, we’ve been brainstorming the best way to welcome 2017 and due away with the misdirection of 2016. We’ve decided that our website relaunch will spark a Blackout Year! We aim to bring minorities out of the shadowy margins and into the forefront of history. People of Color (POC) need a place to recharge when faced with the prejudices of others and a place to reconnect with the history that is so often swept under the rug. Twice a week, we will post the current and historical stories of pioneers in business, social change, ideas, music, and literature.

This content will consist solely of POC and minorities. If you are looking for the history of the non-POC, we respectfully suggest that you visit the thousands of sites that support such content. We are exclusively promoting the forgotten and misrepresented history of minority groups. This does not mean that this website is “black” only, we welcome all races, religions, and creeds to delve into the little-known stories of POC who have changed the world! We are committed to reputable sources that share academic-level analysis. Therefore, our articles will include citations that allow readers to further their personal education and formulate their own opinions. We will not be addressing the prototypical slave narrative, as we think everyone is ready to hear some new stories. We’ll be focusing on more positive roles. In this effort, we hope that many will recognize their past and present influence on the world.

Stay tuned for our newest content, 2017 is going to be a ground-breaking year!